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MUJI to Relax


MUJI to Relax you want to relax at home, or are in places where it is difficult to sleep, like an airplane or long distance bus or coach,Muji Ryohin will provide support for your sleep and relaxation time whenever and wherever you are.
Muji to Sleep includes 6 natural sounds to help you sleep,plus new added functionality that allows you to create your very own relaxation music.
Android Wear and watch faces are supported.
ー About this App ー This is a sound app that helps you enjoy sleep and relaxation time in way that suits you.Use Muji Ryohin's "sofa that fits to your body" together with the "fitted neck cushion" to enjoy an even better time of sleep and relaxation.
ー How to Use the App ー [ 6 Natural Sounds ]Plays 6 natural sounds that will help you sleep.6 stereophonic sounds recorded in various regions of Japan will help you sleep and relax.1. Put on the headphones and start the app2. Swipe the app and select your favorite sound3. Set the timer and go to sleep
[ Your Own Unique Relaxation Music ]Creates your own unique sounds from your heart rate and the time of day.Provides your perfect relaxation sound selected from an infinite number of sound combinations.1. Put on the headphones and start the app2. Tap the plus button on the top left3. When the light is on, place your finger over the camera and the light to measure your heart rate4. Once you have taken your measurement, your own original relaxation music will be played.
ー Important Notes ーThis app uses special sounds known as binaural beats. Therefore, please do not use this app in the following cases:・If you suffer from epileptic seizures or heart disease (in particular if you have a pacemaker)・If you are feeling unwell or under the weather・If there is a change in your condition or suddenly become unwell when using the app・If you are driving a car or operating a machine・If you are less than 10 years old